Friday, February 4, 2011


I am really excited for this project I am working on. Yesterday I was in the studio and i recorded another track for the project. I dont wanna give too much away on the project just yet, except that it will be released May or June and that the single "Living Life ft. Yung Yogi" will drop near the end of March. Im currently working on the artwork for it, and should have some promo things up in the next few weeks.

Also shot a video with Yung Yogi, called Ur Wrong, that should be dropping this weekend or next week, also just wrapped up a track Called 42 bars ft. T. Major. I should be dropping that soon as well. Until the release of my project i will be dropping atleast 2 tracks a month.

Stay Tuned!!

Here's a lil ear candy for all those who enjoy real hip hop!!

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