Friday, February 11, 2011

The Introduction


Let me introduce you to who I am. My name is irrelevant, so is my age, and everything else about me.. Chao... *thumb up*


Ok freal... They Call me Klue, I was born and raised in Toronto on the South Side of Jane Street (Falstaff). I'm an 80's baby and I love music. I am gemini born and apparently have 2 faces/sides which i like to refer to as Alpha and Omega (as you get to know me you will get to know my "alter egos") I'm also involved a lot with music, song writing, beat making, audio engineering etc. I am the CEO of Cronically ILL and I represent the Squalla brand (Squalla is my alternate to holla, fuck hollering, I Squalla). I strongly believe in loyalty trust and respect, if you dont got that, stay from round me. I consider myself to be a different breed, cause I dont act like your everyday person, I do me. Some don't like it some do, around here you will get no boo hoo's. I'm real in my eyes, and if anyone thinks different, i tell em switch there view. I'm Single and having fun until my perfect stranger come along, and this year around my birthday i will be releasing my first solo project entitled TheGeminiProject!! I am excited and can't wait for its release. Well that's all for now, hope you learned a bit about me, you will learn more. So stay tuned, ask questions, or leave topics for my to talk about. Squalla

I will leave you with a sample of my work, I did the beat, wrote the lyrics, mixed the track, and created this video for all the man dem.. Squalla

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