Friday, February 18, 2011

Ready For The Weekend

Im back from the Wet Coast!!

I cant explain how much I like it there, it's real relaxing, the air seems fresher, and the kush, magnificentooo. My lil cuz is getting better and I learned something about shrimp and crabs I've never known before. They are bottom feeders, they feed on anything, like the water version of pigs. Now as good as shrimps are I think I might stop eating them (might stop lol). I heard stories about these sea creator that would turn anyone off of them, but I will let you find them out for yourselves, all I will say is be very careful where you eat them from. I plan on heading back to BC around my Bday as a present to myself.

Also last night I finished recording another song off TheGeminiProject!! and today I an goin to try and do another 1. The project is coming along nicely and so far goin according to plan.

Today is also the day of some high school basketball finals, and my bredrins son is playing in one of them. His team is one of the best in their division and should go pretty far amongst all teams in the province. Its gonna be fun to watch these games.

And tomorrow night is the Twin's Bday Jam inside Luckys Wings. Its gonna be a crazy event with lives DJ, and nuff sexy ladies in the place. Cant wait!!

That is all for now,
Love live Life and enjoy your day/evening!!

Seeing how the Twin's Bday party tomorrow, I will leave you with a Grade Clikk Track... Squalla

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