Monday, February 28, 2011

GunPlay Show in Waterloo

Last Night I was at the GunPlay show in Waterloo at Cameo nightclub. This show was put on by the Kanati family and had opening acts Syph & Littles The General, Lex Marcello and Y Dot Dollaz, and Rebel, 20B-Lo, Don Million. The night was nice, there wasn't a big turnout, but the vibe was nice in the building same way. All the performances were pretty good, I thought the mics could've been turned down a bit, but people were still jamming same way. Make sure to check out Littles The General and Syph's project called Perfect Strangers. Also be on the lookout for Lex Marcello mixtape called Million Dollar Mind State and 20B-Lo mixtape called You Gots to Chill.

Take in these tracks and be on the lookout for more music to come from these artists.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sway Mag. Shoot

Today was the Sway Magazine shoot done by the lovely ladies of TGIF, Nicole Robinson and Renee Thompson. This was my first photo shoot for a magazine, and I enjoyed it. This shoot is for the March issue of Sway, and has Rj (GwopShop), JRD (Avontinc) and myself featured in an article representing DBS Studios. Pictures were taken by Kwaku and from what I seen so far they look fresh. Dj Lissa Monet was in the building, Regular Robb and his management was in the building and also A-Game was in the building. The day went pretty smooth and I cant wait to see the final product. They had us dressed bossed out, like the bosses we are and the stylist and his assistant made sure we looked crisp in all aspects. More big things to come from the team real soon..

Since they day was nothing but fly, I will leave you with A-Grade's Fly Like Me

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ready For The Weekend

Im back from the Wet Coast!!

I cant explain how much I like it there, it's real relaxing, the air seems fresher, and the kush, magnificentooo. My lil cuz is getting better and I learned something about shrimp and crabs I've never known before. They are bottom feeders, they feed on anything, like the water version of pigs. Now as good as shrimps are I think I might stop eating them (might stop lol). I heard stories about these sea creator that would turn anyone off of them, but I will let you find them out for yourselves, all I will say is be very careful where you eat them from. I plan on heading back to BC around my Bday as a present to myself.

Also last night I finished recording another song off TheGeminiProject!! and today I an goin to try and do another 1. The project is coming along nicely and so far goin according to plan.

Today is also the day of some high school basketball finals, and my bredrins son is playing in one of them. His team is one of the best in their division and should go pretty far amongst all teams in the province. Its gonna be fun to watch these games.

And tomorrow night is the Twin's Bday Jam inside Luckys Wings. Its gonna be a crazy event with lives DJ, and nuff sexy ladies in the place. Cant wait!!

That is all for now,
Love live Life and enjoy your day/evening!!

Seeing how the Twin's Bday party tomorrow, I will leave you with a Grade Clikk Track... Squalla

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fun & Bad News

I dont have time to do this, my laptop battery is blinking red, I gotta be at the airport in an hour and a half, and I still have to get ready, plus I'm hungover from last night.... Still. But I gotta do something to ease my mind.

My night was good.. although I'm really beginning to dislike energy drinks with my cognac, gives a different type of morning feeling. But all in all it was alright, had a 1, 2 run ins with some old faces, and had the ex on some serrrrious cock block movements (smh lol). Ended up in some after hours, where some dumb chicken head was looking at me like she wanna do me something; PSA for you: DON'T GET YOUR MAN FUCKED UP AGAIN. All in all it was a good night. As for this airport movement, I'm flying down to see my cuz who is in the hospital. He has sickle cell, and right now isn't doing to well. Please send a blessing his way. I swear if I had 1 wish, I would wait for the riches and wish him full health. I have never seen anyone endure as much pain than he has over his 17 years. He is a real Squalla Souljah (one of his many nicknames)

Now I gotta get moving, times not on my side. Next Stop the wet coast. I wonder what kinda of Kush i will encounter over there this time..

Seeing how my cuz was just getting into Sese before he went into a coma.. Im leave you with one of his favourites.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Introduction


Let me introduce you to who I am. My name is irrelevant, so is my age, and everything else about me.. Chao... *thumb up*


Ok freal... They Call me Klue, I was born and raised in Toronto on the South Side of Jane Street (Falstaff). I'm an 80's baby and I love music. I am gemini born and apparently have 2 faces/sides which i like to refer to as Alpha and Omega (as you get to know me you will get to know my "alter egos") I'm also involved a lot with music, song writing, beat making, audio engineering etc. I am the CEO of Cronically ILL and I represent the Squalla brand (Squalla is my alternate to holla, fuck hollering, I Squalla). I strongly believe in loyalty trust and respect, if you dont got that, stay from round me. I consider myself to be a different breed, cause I dont act like your everyday person, I do me. Some don't like it some do, around here you will get no boo hoo's. I'm real in my eyes, and if anyone thinks different, i tell em switch there view. I'm Single and having fun until my perfect stranger come along, and this year around my birthday i will be releasing my first solo project entitled TheGeminiProject!! I am excited and can't wait for its release. Well that's all for now, hope you learned a bit about me, you will learn more. So stay tuned, ask questions, or leave topics for my to talk about. Squalla

I will leave you with a sample of my work, I did the beat, wrote the lyrics, mixed the track, and created this video for all the man dem.. Squalla

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Marcus Garvey

Seeing how it is Black History Month, I wanted to share some information about someone who helped paved the way for how we all live today. Marcus Garvey is amongst many leaders and fascinating people that helped drive our society into this segregation free world. Hope you find this a good read and I encourage you to get familiar with more like Marcus such as Malcolm X, Martin Luther, Bob Marley, Haile Selassie etc.

Social Activist. Born Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr. on August 17, 1887, in St. Ann's Bay, Jamica. Self-educated, Garvey founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association, dedicated to promoting African-Americans and resettlement in Africa. In the United States he launched several businesses to promote a separate black nation. After he was convicted of mail fraud and deported back to Jamaica, he continued his work for black repatriation to Africa.

Marcus Mosiah Garvey was the last of 11 children born to Marcus Garvey, Sr. and Sarah Jane Richards. His father was a stone mason, and his mother a domestic worker and farmer. Garvey, Sr. was a great influence on Marcus, who once described him as "severe, firm, determined, bold, and strong, refusing to yield even to superior forces if he believed he was right." His father was known to have a large library, where young Garvey learned to read.

At age 14, Marcus became a printer's apprentice. In 1903, he traveled to Kingston, Jamaica, and soon became involved in union activities. In 1907, he took part in an unsuccessful printer's strike and the experience kindled in him a passion for political activism. Three years later, he traveled throughout Central America working as an newspaper editor and writing about the exploitation of migrant workers in the plantations. He later traveled to London where he attended Birkbeck College (University of London) and worked for the African Times and Orient Review, which advocated Pan-African nationalism.

Inspired by these experiences, Marcus Garvey returned to Jamaica in 1912 and founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) with the goal of uniting all of African diaspora to "establish a country and absolute government of their own." After corresponding with Booker T. Washington, the American educator who founded Tuskegee Institute, Garvey traveled to the United States in 1916 to raise funds for a similar venture in Jamaica. He settled in New York City and formed a UNIA chapter in Harlem to promote a separatist philosophy of social, political, and economic freedom for blacks. In 1918, Garvey began publishing the widely distributed newspaper Negro World to convey his message.

By 1919, Marcus Garvey and UNIA had launched the Black Star Line, a shipping company that would establish trade and commerce between Africans in America, the Caribbean, South and Central America, Canada, and Africa. At the same time, Garvey started the Negros Factories Association, a series of companies that would manufacture marketable commodities in every big industrial center in the Western hemisphere and Africa.

In August 1920, UNIA claimed 4 million members and held its first International Convention at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Before a crowd of 25,000 people from all over world, Marcus Garvey spoke of having pride in African history and culture. Many found his words inspiring, but not all. Some established black leaders found his separatist philosophy ill-conceived. W.E.B. Du Bois, a prominent black leader and officer of the N.A.A.C.P. called Garvey, "the most dangerous enemy of the Negro race in America." Garvey felt Du Bois was an agent of the white elite

In 1922, Marcus Garvey and three other UNIA officials were charged with mail fraud involving the Black Star Line. The trial records indicate several improprieties occurred in the prosecution of the case. It didn't help that the shipping line's books contained many accounting irregularities. On June 23, 1923, Garvey was convicted and sentenced to prison for five years. Claiming to be a victim of a politically motivated miscarriage of justice, Garvey appealed his conviction, but was denied. In 1927 he was released from prison and deported to Jamaica.

Garvey continued his political activism and the work of UNIA in Jamaica, and then moved to London in 1935. But he did not command the same influence he had earlier. Perhaps in desperation or maybe in delusion, Garvey collaborated with outspoken segregationist and white supremacist Senator Theodore Bilbo of Mississippi to promote a reparations scheme. The Greater Liberia Act of 1939 would deport 12 million African-Americans to Liberia at federal expense to relieve unemployment. The act failed in Congress, and Garvey lost even more support among the black population.

Marcus Garvey died in London in 1940 after several strokes. Due to travel restrictions during World War II, his body was interred in London. In 1964, his remains were exhumed and taken to Jamaica, where the government proclaimed him Jamaica's first national hero and re-interred him at a shrine in the National Heroes Park. But his memory and influence remain. His message of pride and dignity inspired many in the early days of the Civil Rights movement in the 1950s and 1960s. In tribute to his many contributions, Garvey's bust has been displayed in the Organization of American States' Hall of Heroes in Washington, D.C. The country of Ghana has named its shipping line the Black Star Line and its national soccer team the Black Stars, in honor of Garvey.

Information taken from...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cheese Head or Black and Yellow Black and Yellow

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, Steelers and Packers. I got the Packers this year, Rodgers been playing good ball all year and personally I can't stand big ben. So for me its GB all the way. I was introduced to a square game where you buy boxes and it represents the last digits in the score and a whole bunch of other ish I dont fully understand, but hey, its all in the fun. I hope everyone has a good time, drink responsibly and remember I said it here first, the game will be over by the third quarter.. GB BABY!!

Now its only right I leave you all with this track.. Not my most fav. artist in the world, but this one I thought was good seeing its Super Bowl Sunday and Im all Green Bay today.. lool

Friday, February 4, 2011


I am really excited for this project I am working on. Yesterday I was in the studio and i recorded another track for the project. I dont wanna give too much away on the project just yet, except that it will be released May or June and that the single "Living Life ft. Yung Yogi" will drop near the end of March. Im currently working on the artwork for it, and should have some promo things up in the next few weeks.

Also shot a video with Yung Yogi, called Ur Wrong, that should be dropping this weekend or next week, also just wrapped up a track Called 42 bars ft. T. Major. I should be dropping that soon as well. Until the release of my project i will be dropping atleast 2 tracks a month.

Stay Tuned!!

Here's a lil ear candy for all those who enjoy real hip hop!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Back at It!!

Hello everyone.. So I came here to set up a blogger page and realized i had already done so a few years ago lol. So I am back at it again, to keep you updated on everything goin on with Cronically ILL and myself Klue. I am in the process of working on my first solo release title TheGeminiProject!! It will be available May/June. This project will feature some of my close allies in this music biz, along with productions from NightHawkz, Mista Murray, T. Major, and Myself. This is a Cronically ILL and GwopShop venture, and will be recorded mostly out of DBS Studio. I can't wait, this is goin to be a crazy project with a banging single that will be released in March... so stay tuned.

And it is Black History month, so educate yourself, and remember those who helped make our futures easier.