Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Back at It!!

Hello everyone.. So I came here to set up a blogger page and realized i had already done so a few years ago lol. So I am back at it again, to keep you updated on everything goin on with Cronically ILL and myself Klue. I am in the process of working on my first solo release title TheGeminiProject!! It will be available May/June. This project will feature some of my close allies in this music biz, along with productions from NightHawkz, Mista Murray, T. Major, and Myself. This is a Cronically ILL and GwopShop venture, and will be recorded mostly out of DBS Studio. I can't wait, this is goin to be a crazy project with a banging single that will be released in March... so stay tuned.

And it is Black History month, so educate yourself, and remember those who helped make our futures easier.


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