Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fun & Bad News

I dont have time to do this, my laptop battery is blinking red, I gotta be at the airport in an hour and a half, and I still have to get ready, plus I'm hungover from last night.... Still. But I gotta do something to ease my mind.

My night was good.. although I'm really beginning to dislike energy drinks with my cognac, gives a different type of morning feeling. But all in all it was alright, had a 1, 2 run ins with some old faces, and had the ex on some serrrrious cock block movements (smh lol). Ended up in some after hours, where some dumb chicken head was looking at me like she wanna do me something; PSA for you: DON'T GET YOUR MAN FUCKED UP AGAIN. All in all it was a good night. As for this airport movement, I'm flying down to see my cuz who is in the hospital. He has sickle cell, and right now isn't doing to well. Please send a blessing his way. I swear if I had 1 wish, I would wait for the riches and wish him full health. I have never seen anyone endure as much pain than he has over his 17 years. He is a real Squalla Souljah (one of his many nicknames)

Now I gotta get moving, times not on my side. Next Stop the wet coast. I wonder what kinda of Kush i will encounter over there this time..

Seeing how my cuz was just getting into Sese before he went into a coma.. Im leave you with one of his favourites.

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