Monday, April 11, 2011


Hey guys it has been a while since I posted, there has been lots going on in my world. First off I would like to Say I lost my number 1 fan, Ryan "Rex" Edwards. Since his passing there has been a void. May you Rest In Peace Cuz.. Rex Forever!!

I also attended the Juno's for the first time, and to be honest it wasn't anything I thought It would have been. Check Out for all the footage from the event. The best part of the event was the Muzik after party. Shoutout Drizzy Drake for holding the party down.

TheGeminiProject!! is still in full effect. I am currently in discussions with the director about shooting the video for the lead single "Living Life ft. Yung Yogi". Stay tuned for more from the project.

Thats all for now... i will not leave you all unattended for this long again. Thank you for your patience.


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